Pretty Pink Bow


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One of a kind, pretty in pink vintage statement piece.

In stock


This piece is full of things I’ve been saving. Little strips of rhinestones or single clip-ons that I thought told such a story. And what I’ve been asking myself over and over again is “saving for what?” Saving them for a special piece? Afraid of accidentally ruining something I’ve held onto and tried to keep safe? Afraid people won’t love the individual pieces like I do or they won’t work in the piece over all? Afraid is a powerful word in art and I never would have guessed pink would be my major release point with new work.

It started with a gorgeous little seventies heart with a rose engraved from the back. Then a colour story that expanded slowly, painstakingly from pale at the edges to red pinks on one side and corals and warmer pinks on the other. Centring on that beautiful… I couldn’t make it work. The inspiration for the the whole piece just didn’t fit right! So it was replaced by a perfect, fifties pearlescent costume clip-on and I was still strangely please with the outcome.

The variety of components in this really does make it wearable to any occasion. This is the necklace that people passing you in the grocery store will stop to compliment you on, but can easily be worn as a centre piece for that special event.

A mid width bib, this piece hangs ~13cm/~5in wide across. It hangs down about 51cm/20in to the centre point with a 7.5cm/3in extender chain. Full length from clasps to tips is 61cm/24in.

I hope you like it for its parts or as a whole.


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